sciGig Scientific Consulting & Editing
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mass spectrometry & proteomics

need assistance in formulating & designing mass spectrometry-based proteomic experiments?

sciGig draws upon more than 25 years of experience in academia and industry to advise you and further your research

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training & specialist advice

need basic or advanced training in developing methods & operating your liquid chromatography mass spectrometer?

sciGig's broad technical background can provide unprecedented training to maximise your experimental output

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laboratory design

need a state-of-the-art mass spectrometry-based proteomic laboratory?

sciGig can assist you in the design, equipment recommendations, budgeting & protocols

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scientific english editing & proofreading

need assistance with language correction?

sciGig provides technical, native English editing and proofreading of manuscripts, grant proposals, and more

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scientific english writing

need assistance with writing a scientific article, grant proposal or business plan?

sciGig provides concise, native English writing based on your specifications & requirements

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project management

need assistance with coordinating & managing a large scientific project?

sciGig provides all aspects of project management to see your venture through to successful completion

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