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mass spectrometry & proteomics

Mass spectrometry-based proteomics is one of the cutting-edge -omic technologies widely-used in academic research, the biotechnology sector and the pharmaceutical industry. Despite the broad-spread and accepted use of the technology, it is still a technique that relies on specialist knowledge and advice. This is particularly relevant for those who wish to maximise the amount of quality information that can be extracted from their proteomic research.

sciGig draws upon an unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience acquired over almost three decades and utilises a strong and extensive technical background obtained in academia and industry to advise you and further your research. In addition, sciGig has an extensive global network of colleagues, collaborators, friends and acquaintances that can be called upon for advice in niche areas not currently covered by the expertise of sciGig.

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bioinformatic data analysis

The data produced by a mass spectrometer and interpretation thereof in a biological or medical context is still one of the major hurdles in any proteomic experiment. The overwhelming quantity of information that can be produced from a single experiment can confound the most savvy & experienced of researchers.

sciGig connects you with highly-experienced bioinformaticians with a broad range of knowledge to analyse your data. Aspects covered include the well-known and widely-accepted relative quantitation of chemically-labelled cells or tissues, i.e., using the tandem mass tag (TMT) reagents; and relative quantitation of unlabelled, consecutively-analysed samples, i.e., label-free quantitation. In addition, customised data analysis can be provided upon request, e.g., protein turnover measurements via pulsed SILAC, open tolerance database search to identify unknown post-translational modifications (PTM’s), and the increasingly-popular data-independent analysis (DIA). 

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training & specialist advice

As with any field, obtaining an ideal outcome is fundamentally embedded in the details of all upstream processes. Mass spectrometry-based proteomics is no different. Understanding basic concepts and implementing sometimes seemingly unimportant tiny details will markedly improve the quality of the outcome and avoid disappointment over a ‘failed’ experiment. The extensive technical background,  knowledge and experience of sciGig can provide unprecedented training to maximise your experimental output. sciGig can assist you in:

  • creating and designing a proteomic experiment with the correct controls and replicates for obtaining statistical significance
  • advising on the optimal approach for sample preparation, including avoidance of many of the traps often encountered by first-time proteomic scientists
  • method development to obtain optimal liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS) analysis of your samples
  • basic training in calibration, maintenance and troubleshooting of your LCMS system
  • data analysis with standard freeware and vendor-supplied software plus access to advice on detailed bioinformatic analyses via sub-contracted specialists
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laboratory design

New research groups that have embraced mass spectrometry-based proteomics as an integral and key component of their research may make that all-important decision to establish their own proteomic laboratory within the group.  Without prior knowledge, establishing a high-end functional mass spectrometry laboratory to house such valuable and, at times, temperamental equipment is by no means a simplistic task. Similarly, re-location of an existing sub-optimal laboratory to a new, state-of-the-art modern building can be an arduous and time-consuming chore. sciGig can assist you in:

  • designing a functional laboratory to house your proteomics
  • recommendations on the type of equipment that would be appropriate for your type of research and applications
  • assisting your group to compile a realistic budget
  • basic sample preparation protocols to kick-start your foray into proteomic research

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scientific english editing & proofreading

An extensive technical background in mass spectrometry & proteomics combined with native English skills ensures that sciGig provides professional, methodical, English editing and proofreading of a range of scientific and non-scientific literature. These include:

  • scientific manuscripts
  • student theses
  • grant proposals
  • business plans
  • commercial application notes
  • website content & maintenance
  • brochures
  • public relations and marketing material
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scientific english writing

On occasion, you may be required to formulate and compile a specific type of document. Whether that information is part of a grant proposal, or as a stand-alone business plan to launch a product and/or service; sciGig is available to write scientific and/or layman’s English text. sciGig can assist both science-orientated researchers and  people from non-scientific backgrounds by providing native English writing based on your specifications & requirements. This includes compilation of:

  • grant proposals
  • business plans
  • brochures
  • marketing material for advertising
  • original text for science magazines
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project management

Coordination & management of large scientific projects can be a daunting and overwhelming task. sciGig can assist you in initiating, planning, executing, controlling/managing and finalising a project and coordinating the tasks of the project team. sciGig provides these aspects of project management to see your venture through to successful completion. sciGig aims to achieve your specified goals and meet your specified success criteria in your timeframe.